Jumbolene Roof Insulation

Jumbolene Roof Insulation is a 3 in 1 reflective foil insulation solution, combining the benefits of reflective insulation, a radiant barrier and a moisture barrier. It is recommended for residential, commercial and industrial roof systems.
Jumbolene Roof Insulation is 100% closed cell polyethylene foam, laminated with aluminium reflective foil. Polyethylene foam has a very low rate of conduction, effectively reducing the amount of heat transmission into the building.
Why choose Jumbolene?

  • Effective thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Light and easy to install
  • Non toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Seals around nails (no leaks)
  • Keeps its thickness over time (its structure does not collapse)
  • Reduces Carbon emissions
  • Locally manufactured

Thermal Insulation: Jumbolene has a low thermal conductivity of 0.0293 W/m.K, which is not affected by humidity or condensation. It reflects 97.1 % of radiant heat and does not lose its thermal performance over time. Reflective insulation is most effective when airspace exists between the insulation and the adjacent material. Minimum recommended air space is 25mm for residential roofs and 50mm for commercial roofs.

Acoustic Insulation:
Jumbolene is an effective barrier against impact noise from rain. Rain noise is a potentially important noise source which must be considered at an early point in the roof design in order to minimize disturbance within the building.
Durability: Jumbolene is guaranteed during the lifespan of a building. It is resistant to dust, mould, mildew and bacteria and does not provide nesting to insects, birds or rodents. It is chemically inert and will not react with acids, alkalis or metals.
Water and moisture resistance: It has a low moisture permeability index of 0.05% g/m², in 24hrs and water absorption index of less than 2% in 28 days. As a roof underlay it does not leak as it seals around nails.