Jumbolene® Acoustic Solutions

We offer Acoustic Solutions for Noise control, Building Acoustics and Room Acoustics. Our high quality products are used in resolving a wide range of noise control projects in industrial, environmental and residential noise. Our range of architectural acoustics products can offer solutions to complex architectural acoustic projects, such as theatres, multi-purpose halls, cinemas, auditoriums and Houses of Worship. Our room acoustic products have successfully been installed in several sensitive acoustic constructions.

We offer a complete range of sound-proofing, anti-vibration and sound-absorptive acoustic products, for building applications in, apartments, mixed commercial spaces, offices, villas & music studios.

Jumbolene® Acoustic Foam is designed to deliver optimum performance in interior walls, office partitions, exterior cavity walls, ceilings as well as floors. Jumbolene® Acoustic Foam offers excellent vibration dampening and has a Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) value of 63 and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value of 0.85 for a 50mm Board.

Source of sound

Sound pressure

Sound pressure level

Sound in air

pascal RMS

dB re 20 μPa

Vuvuzela horn at 1 m

20 Pa

120 dB(A)[7]

Traffic on a busy roadway at 10 m

2×10−1 – 6.32×10−1 Pa

80 – 90 dB

Hearing damage (over long-term exposure, need not be continuous)

0.356 Pa

85 dB[8]

Passenger car at 10 m

2×10−2 – 2×10−1 Pa

60 – 80 dB

Normal conversation at 1 m

2×10−3 – 2×10−2 Pa

40 – 60 dB

Very calm room

2×10−4 – 6.32×10−4 Pa

20 – 30 dB

Room Acoustics We offer a complete range of architectural acoustic products designed to offer solutions to complex architectural acoustic projects such as theatres, Houses of worship and auditoriums.
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Building Acoustics We offer complete room acoustic, industrial, mechanical and anti-vibration products that provide a series of solutions for specialised building elements. Our products can be used in homes, apartments, mixed use commercial spaces and music studios.
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Noise Control We offer a complete range of products designed for use in resolving a wide range of noise control projects in residential, industrial and environmental noise. Our products include noise barriers, acoustic doors, acoustic louvers; and sound attenuators that can also be modified to match client specifications.
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Anti-Vibration We offer products under the Vibro brand name that are specially designed to reduce structural borne noise. Our products are used to reduce vibration transmission through walls, floors and ceilings. Vibro products can be used in studio applications, HVAC and Industrial Vibration Control as well as architectural and building applications.
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  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Resistant to rot, mould, mildew and bacterial growth
  • Doesn’t harbour nesting for rodents and vermin
  • Fire retardant
  • Does not age
  • Sag-free
  • Completely free of all synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs) and therefore no special clothing
  • including respirators are required in/during installation
  • Moisture resistant
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Non toxic